Tracing Pages Reflection

The Tracing Pages assignment was something that I’ve never done before. I thought that the process of first tracing, then annotating and then finally writing the essay was very conductive to the inductive style of writing. Normally I try to start from the claim or thesis, but the tracing and the annotating made me notice patterns, which allowed me to make a claim. The challenge was actually choosing which patterns to include because 500-750 words is limited space.

It was almost like building from the ground up, which mimics the style of the essay. Even though this was new, I have done something similar to inductive writing, but we did not have the last section where we synthesized what we talked about. The synthesis was definitely the hardest part to put together because it was completely new and it was almost like backwards thinking. What really helped me through this was to write and then come back to it some other time to see if the ideas in the synthesis were coherent.

Overall I think that this essay assignment helped me better understand the Secret Language of comics. Language is built from small units and writing or thinking inductively throughout this assignment helped me uncover those small units and piece them together into a message. You can read this essay where I make the claim that both Spinning and Stitches use dualities in time and color to create a relationship with the audience. You’ll see how the two things create a message within the story and how they combine to serve an audience.

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